Nerd Effect Podcast 14 – The Cultural Impact of Star Trek



We’re starting the month off right. In true nerd fashion we’ll be talking about the cultural impact of the Star Trek franchise. Gene Roddenberry had an idea and dreamed of the future. A future of space exploration, alien races, and galactic phenomenon beyond all of our wildest imaginations. These ideals and visions have penetrated pop culture, nerd fandoms, and have gone as far as a way of life for some people. It’s no doubt the cultural impact of the Star Trek franchise has touched everyone in some shape or form. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a fan, when you here the term, “Live long and prosper,” you know exactly what its origin is. Join Dustin, Mason, Mike and Nikki as they travel through space and explore the Star Trek franchise and it’s influence on this little blue marble we call Earth.



Dustin VanCour

Mason Ireland

Michael Morgan

Nikki Prindle



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BONUS!!!: Mason edu-ma-cates us on why the Paleo diet is not feasible.

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  1. geekusextremus January 21, 2014 3:20 am 

    I am a huge TOS/TAS fan and I agree Star Trek is part of our culture. Live long and prosper is a perfect example of how we have been effected. You Guys are great.

    • Dustimus_Prime January 21, 2014 3:45 am 

      Glad you like the show! I remember when I was about 7 was the first time I successfully split my fingers apart like a Vulcan. LOL

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