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Hey guys!

Just a quick post to share the World Map for our The Initiative game.

First two show the political boarders of the various countries in the area. As a reminder, Ispra is the country our heroes are currently residing and Lacousia is where the bad guys have been coming from.

Third one is a map of the world. The world I’ve created for The Initiative is in fact flat, but rather than the seas constantly running off the edges of the world I decided to make it like a bowl. The outer ring is a rugged area with lots of harsh terrain and if you explore too far you can literally walk off the edge of the world. The gradient colors of the land are representing the climates from the frozen waste of the north to the burning ash waste to the south.

As always, let me know if you have comments or questions at [email protected]



(click for larger view)

Ispra political

Lacousia political


Initiative World





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