Nerd Effect News – Week Thru 3/23/2014


The economy is collapsing, Jenny McCarthy is dumb, Sony brings us into the 3rd dimension and Valve’s Steam Controller gets a make-under.



Dustin VanCour

Mason Ireland

Michael Morgan

Nikki Prindle



NASA-backed Study Shows we’re All F**ked!

Measles makes a very Unwanted Comeback due to Anti-vaccination Movement

Valve Ditches the Touchscreen on the Steam Controller

Playstation’s Morpheus enters the VR world

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  1. Liby April 7, 2014 5:33 pm 

    I don’t have an immunity to the chicken pox virus, so I’ve had it twice as an adult. People need to stop it with the “pox parties” and just VACCINATE THEIR DAMN CHILDREN! The myth that you can only get the chicken pox once in your life is exactly that.

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