Nerd Effect Podcast 33 – Top 10 Real Life Nerds: 1-5


And here we are, the top of the top 5 nerds that actually exist! Join us as we count them down. Let us know your favorite real life nerds in the comments below.


Dustin VanCour

Mason Ireland

Michael Morgan

Nikki Prindle



Star Trek White noise:

Star Talk with NDT:
Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen being adorable:(three links
because I couldn’t choose just one…Pictures so nice we posted them twice!)

Radioactive birds:

Bill Nye shows us how to tie a bow tie:

CBS’s Elementary:

Nerd Poker: Dungeons and Dragons with Brian Posehn and Friends:

Neil Gaiman’s Blog:

NPH’s family at Halloween:

The Oatmeal on Tesla:

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