5K #2 in the bag!

Greetings, nerdlings!  I did it!  5K # 2 is done and over with!  I’ll admit i was a little concerned about how this one was going to go… I’ve had some major stress happening in my life right now, and haven’t exactly been good about going to the gym…like, for a month…  Plus, I signed up for this one all by myself, which as someone with social anxiety, is a little intimidating…


purple teeth selfie

But not only did I do it, I did it with a smile on my face (See my purple teeth??  That’s from running as I went through the color stations!),  And I think I even shaved a little bit off my time from the last one!  I’m not sure since this run wasn’t timed, I started my run mapper app too soon, and stopped it a little late (who wants to take out an iPhone with colored corn starch flying everywhere?)…I’m guestimating my time was around 42 minutes.

Honestly?  I think I could’ve done better, but the crowd tended to hang up in the color stations and slow you down, plus it was a super unmanicured course, going through unmowed grass, and bumpy gravel “roads” at the local fairgrounds.  I wasn’t nearly as exhausted after this run as i was after my last, and i didn’t get any leg cramps!

This is extra awesome, since the annual fitness challenge at the office where D-man and I work started up the day before…I had done my fastest stand alone mile ever (13:02), and still had a successful 5K the next day!  I think I’m setting the bar a little high for myself this year 🙂

If you’ve never done a color run, I HIGHLY suggest it!  It was so pretty, I want to go to one just as a spectator!

color cloud

Peace out, geeks…My lunch break is over!

Follow the link below for bonus pictures of me running and looking like a goober!


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