Nerd Effect News – Week Thru 8/10/2014


We’re back! After Dustin’s week long vacation and the rest of the crew hammin’ it up at Fandemonium, they have reunited to bring you updates from the event and report on current events. Local news, Boise Airport is getting a digital library installed; huge crop circles appear in Germany; Million Year old footprints may show humans may have left Africa sooner than we suspected; and lastly IBM reveals the prototype for their brain-chip.


Dustin VanCour

Mason Ireland

Michael Morgan

Nikki Prindle



IBM Reveals Brain Chip Prototype

Million-year-old Footprints in Britain May Alter “Out of Africa” Timeline

Digital Library Coming soon to the Boise Airport

Huge Crop Circles form in Germany


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  1. Scot Violette August 12, 2014 4:37 pm 

    My funniest moment with the “normal people” at the con was when I was walking into the hotel on Saturday morning was: There was a couple with two small children coming out past the registration tables, and the mom said to the kid “Well there is a whole other world that you don’t know about.”, lol

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