Nerd Effect News – Episode 12

Nerd Effect News – Episode 12 by Nerd Effect Podcast on Mixcloud

On this episode of the Nerd Effect News we talk about how human head transplants will not be possible by 2017, Michelle Rodriguez’s word vomit moment, a 22,000 could represent an unknown lineage of humans, brain-to-brain communication is now possible, and coffee is just plain awesome!


Dustin VanCour

Mason Ireland

Michael Morgan

Nikki Prindle



No, Human Heads Transplants Will NOT Be Happening by 2017

Brain-to-Brain Communication Finally Achieved

Michelle Rodriguez talks about her White Superhero Comment

Drinking Coffee Could Help Protect Your DNA

22,000 Year-old  Skull Could Represent Unknown Lineage of Humans

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  1. Liby March 16, 2015 9:13 pm 

    *virtual hand raise for tshirt and possibly also a hoodie (if it comes in colors other than black. black is not my first choice because cat hair.)

    “Nerd Effect podcast does not condone bleaching your meat.” -Nikki

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