Nerd Effect News – Episode 16

Nerd Effect News – Episode 16 by Nerd Effect Podcast on Mixcloud

The news is back! In this episode of the news we talk about karma wielding its  mighty ironic sword; visible light has been detected from an exo-planet; unfortunate news for any fan of the Silent Hill series; Battle Bots is back…and in Mason’s home town; and scientists unravel another piece of the mystery that is the history of dog domestication.


Dustin VanCour

Mason Ireland

Michael Morgan


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Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro confirm the Cancellation of Silent Hills

Solving the Mystery of the Domesticated Dog

GoFundMe Cancels Anti-Gay Baker’s Fundraiser After Raising $110K 

Battle Bots Returning to TV, Filming in Vallejo, CA

We Now Know How to Measure Visible Lights from Exoplanets

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