An ongoing review of “The Nerdist Way” – My path to the next level – Part 1

Greetings Fellow nerds!

If you are reading this, I am going to just assume that you are familiar with the Nerdist.  If you aren’t, go check out and listen to a few podcsats.  It’s absolutely worth your time. Listening to Chris Hardwick, and Jonah Ray and Matt Mira is largely what influenced us to do this Nerd Effect thing we’ve been plugging away at for so long.

A few years ago, Chris Hardwick came out with a fantastic book called “The Nerdist Way.”  It is a self help book for us nerdy creative types, and focuses on helping you target that obsessive nerdy energy into more productive avenues…like improving your life.

When this book came out, I purchased a copy the second I could afford it.  I devoured the first section, which focuses on the mind, super quickly, and the chapter on anxiety – particularly on avoiding WebMD to self diagnose (I am a noted Internet Hypochondriac) really struck home with me.  The next section focused on Body.  aaaaaaaaaaaaand that is where my interest waned.  I need to lose weight.  badly.  but reading about fitness?  no thanks.  I moved on to another book, and my previously well-loved copy of the Nerdist Way was laid aside and forgotten.

Fast forward to last October.  The guys and I were approached about promoting Chris Hardwick’s Boise leg of his Funcomfortable tour.  Our listeners were given a chance to win tickets to the show, and we were able to attend as a group.  It. Was. a. BLAST.  Afterwards, we hung out behind the building, hoping for a picture (to clarify, Dustin and friend of the podcast Science Sara hung out stalkery by the back door while Dustin’s awesome wife Jen and I lurked in the shadows, mortified by their ginormous balls…until he came out and we saw that they were successful in their efforts, at which point we rushed over to reap the benefits. #sorrynotsorry)

Not only did we get the AWESOME below poorly lit picture snapped by the man himself, (that’s me with the crazed look in the lower left hand corner…)


But he signed my copy of the Nerdist Way that I just happened to have in my bag with me – just in case.  Know what I didn’t have?  One working pen in my entire bag of pens.  Had to give the poor man 3 different pens to get one that worked.  He was a good sport 🙂


Now, you would think that this would renew my resolve in stepping back on the path that he so humerously laid out in this book, right?  Nope.  This became one of my prized posessions, and got placed on my shelf next to my autographed copy of “You’re Never Weird on the Internet” by Felicia Day…who, also happened to give me a giant hug when she signed my book, as it was my birthday 🙂 #NBD

I’m not sure what re-inspired me, but last week I decided to get the book on Audible.  There is something about listening to it in the author’s own voice that really makes it hit home harder.  With a renewed sense of vigor, I have started up a new Character Tome, and am laying out (AND ACTUALLY ACHIEVING!!!!!!!) goals like never before!

I think that this time it may honestly stick, but in order to ensure that, I’m going to share the embarrassing personal details of my journey with you lot in an attempt to keep myself accountable.  I’m going to try and do one of these updates a week, possibly more.  I’ll take you through the step by step process of trying to overcome my NUMEROUS flaws, and hopefully we will all learn something useful by the end.

I know that our listeners are all fantastic and supportive people, but bear with me.  I’m going to be brutally honest with myself about myself in this space, and it may be boring for you.  I’m really doing this as much for myself as I am for you, if I’m being straight with you (heh…not that I’m straight with anyone…BAZINGA!)

FYI, I tend to try and diffuse uncomfortable truths with awful jokes.  sorry in advance.


Anywho, I’m planning on doing another post detailing my journey thus far later on this week.  For having just started the program over again, I’ve actually made more progress so far than I did my first go around!  Go me!


If you’d like to pick up a copy of The Nerdist Way and go on this journey with me, I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s a great book, and while the audiobook stuck with me more (I’m on my second listen-through already), I’m really glad i have a physical copy to refer to for the various exercises throughout.

You can purchase a copy yourself through our Amazon Affiliates link HERE! (D-man is going to be SO happy I remembered to plug this in here 🙂 #bonuspoints)


Until next time, my travel companions!


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