An ongoing review of “The Nerdist Way” – Part 3 – F*%$ing A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am massively frustrated as I’m typing this, but one of the goals that I set for myself was to continue writing one of these articles weekly until I feel like I’ve finished my path to my next level.

This week, I have been focusing largely on nutrition.  This has been difficult, because I am house sitting, and always tend to let my healthy habits slip when I’m house sitting.  There are a combination of factors that contribute to this…I’m in an unfamiliar kitchen (I know, it sounds lame, but I’m only here for 10 days, so I tend to shy away from prepping food or buying excessive groceries), I have a surplus of money (house sitting means cash.  cash means one less excuse to not order takeout), and the house I watch is close to downtown, and therefore close to different resturaunts than I’m used to.  Plus, not having a car means that I depend on my bike and public transportation…and bus access to this place is SUPER limited.

these are all super lame excuses, but they are what i’ve used in the past, so i’m trying extra hard to not fall into that routine this go around. (i am however, falling into the routine of not capitalizing words any more apparently…this is sort of “stream of consciousness” writing, so deal with it)  I went to the overpriced neighborhood market and picked up some essentials like eggs and milk, and ordered a big box of healthy snacks on amazon to be delivered to the house.  they came yesterday, so while that was super exciting, i’m running into an unforseen issue.

every snack i ordered that is high in protein, happens to be high in something else, throwing my “nutritional pie chart” all out of wack.  Cashews for example.  decent amount of protein, and tasty.  but a 1ox serving has 160 calories, and 13 grams of fat…and really, only 5 grams of protein.  i realize that the fat in nuts is “good fat” but it is still out of proportion.  for another example, the protein bars i ordered are SUPER yummy. they are dark chocolate coconut and seasalt flavor, full of chia seeds and the like, and taste like Mounds bars!  but, they are a bit higher in sugar than i’d like.  On the other hand, that does make them taste good enough that i’ll actually eat them, so i’ll likely buy them again.


Do you see my issue though?  a while back I was given food goals by a professional. has since decided to erase these goals (as i learned today), but i do remember that i was shooting for a super high protein intake due to my PCOS, which makes me prone to obesity, and at high risk for diabetes.  It feels like i can only get my protein intake high enough at the sacrifice of my fat, carb, or calorie intake.

for example, here is my pie chart for today as of lunch time:

stupid piechart

It looks like i’m going crazy with carbs and fat, right?

here’s a list of what i’ve eaten so far:

a hardboiled egg
an apple with peanut butter
a protein bar
coffee with nonfat creamer
an egg salad sandwich
a protein shake
a single serving of beef jerky.

how the shit do people do this???  that’s a super healthy day, but my numbers look all goofy!  I know my cause isn’t helped by the fact that i’m not a fan of protein powder (the aforementioned shake was pre-made), or fish…anyone have suggestions on high protein snacks?  I’m planning on picking up some greek yogurt and string cheese, and heard that chia seeds mixed with almond milk make a great high protein smoothie, but I’m a bit hesitant to try that as A)chia seeds aren’t cheap and B)I’m weird about textures.

Anyone have suggestions for me?  I’m really trying hard to get my nutrition squared away so that i can start focusing on other goals, but this is so frustrating and i don’t feel like i’m making any progress…



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