Nikki’s Bio

nikki bio picName:  Nikki Prindle (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)

Gender: Lady-lovin Lady

Handle: Craftasaurus-Rex

Nerd Cred: Orchestra nerd, video game nerd, comic book nerd, crazy cat lady, craftaholic.

Catch Phrase: That’s what she said!

A little About Me:

I’m really bad at these kind of things.  I am a crafty, antisocial cat lady who loves to cook. I live with my girlfriend of 4 years, 3 spoiled rotten kitties, and a dog who is also spoiled, and thinks he too is a kitty.  I love all things X-men and Doctor Who, and have an unhealthy obsession with shitty B Movies, which Netflix supports completely.

I collect action figures, sewing machines, owls, and apparently cats.  In my spare time (haha) I like to go to the gym (no dia-bee-tus for this gal), and do everything I can to help out various animal related charities.  I do freelance graphic design as well.

My first major video game experience was with Final Fantasy VII.  I had played Mario casually as a child, but never really got into video games until my brother got an X-Box, and I talked him into giving me his old playstation.  I was OBSESSED with that game, and it is the first game I beat by myself.  I cried when Yuffie died, and later named my cat Tifa.  Years later I got a job at the local arcade and got sucked even further down the rabbit hole.

I have always been into comics, as long as I can remember, but I wasn’t allowed to “waste money” on them until I had a job and was making my own.  For a while there, I actually wanted to work in the comic book industry, but since I have a strange (I’ve been told “muppetty”) style of drawing, I never persued it.  At one point while I worked at GameWorld, my friend and I did a webcomic about the experience, which can be viewed here in all its ridiculous glory:

I’m really happy to be a part of this podcast, and look forward to many more nerdy years to come!




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