My new pet

Well, good morning Geeks and Geekettes!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to my new pet!  He’s super fluffy, but he doesn’t smell very good…I have to give him food and water every day, and he gets locked up in a nice warm closet in between feedings!


No, I’m not a terrible person.


I’m talking about my new food pet.  This weekend, I got my very own Sourdough starter!  I have been going a bit sourdough crazy, and can honestly say that I love my Fluffy so much that I would probably hug him if he weren’t goo.

baby fluffy

They are actually not as intimidating as it sounds though!  If you plan on using it regularly, keep it someplace warm and feed it once or twice a day (every 8 hours if you are planning on making some awesomely sour bread).  If you have a cup of starter, feed it a cup each of flour and water.  Stir it vigorously with a PLASTIC (or wood…no metal!) utensil to incorporate lots of air into the mix, and put it someplace out of the way.  Make sure to keep it in a big enough container, or it will bubble up and out, and you will get a not-so-happy phone call from your girlfriend telling you she had to clean up a huge mess, and you will have to find a way to grovel BIG TIME when you get home…

If you plan on using it only once or twice a week, you can go through the same feeding process once per week, putting it in the fridge after you’ve let it sit out for about 4 hours to do its thing.

then you just use your starter in the recipe of your choice as directed!  the thing i love about using the sourdough is that so far i’ve made English Muffins

english muffins

which later got turned into egg NikMuffins

Egg NikMuffin

and I’ve made bread in my bread machine… which got both the Ang, and the Zeus seal of approval 🙂

Zeusifer approves

And both turned out better than anything I’ve ever baked before!  It makes baking practically dummy proof!  I’m whipping up another batch of English muffins tonight, with plans for sourdough crackers, sourdough tortillas, and even a rhubarb sourdough coffee cake once my rhubarb grows in!


If you have the ability to get your hands on this miraculous food pet, I highly recommend it!  Here are some links to the recipes and references I’ve been using:

These are a couple of good sources on how to care for your starter:

This is the English muffin recipe I’m making for the second time tonight J

if you have a bread machine,  we’re also on our second go with this recipe:

The gal I got Fluffy from claims that these pancakes are the best!


These are some things that I’m planning on making as well:


Focaccia bread:–Bwlc05Ls.pinterest

CHOCOLATE SOURDOUGH RYE It’s a thing that exists! 🙂

Pizza dough:

stuffed breakfast rolls:

Sourdough blueberry muffins:

Breadbowl with philly cheesesteak stew:

Rhubarb Sourdough coffee cake:



If you go on pinterest and just search for Sourdough, the number of things that come up is awesome!

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  1. Josie Lim March 28, 2014 3:23 pm 

    Aaargh… I am very hungry… Sourdough made my lent very difficult.

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