Tara’s Bio

Name: Tara Manubay

Gender: Crazy Cat Lady

Handle: Tara

Nerd Cred: PC Gamer, Tabletop Gamer, TV Watcher, Movie Watcher, Comic Book Reader, MASSIVE Book Nerd

Likes: Books, crafting, books, cats, comic books, food, and books

Dislikes: Crappy stuff, stupid stuff, fascists

It all started with my Mom. She read to me from the very beginning and by the time I was 3 I had figured it out for myself.

I got into Speculative Fiction with Anne McCaffrey. I got into comic books with George Perez’s Teen Titans.

But I really think I joined Nerd-dom with Star Trek: The Original Series. At the time I was watching, it was the only show with an Asian (Shout Out to George Takei!) and that sucked me in.

List of Random Facts:
  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History (emphasis on Europe)
  • I am right-handed
  • My favorite dessert is creme brulee
  • I make jewelry
  • Sometimes, I write short stories